SAMAR Audio Design - Now in NZ

1st May 2022

SAMAR Audio Design - Now in NZ

SAMAR Audio Design Microphones are now available in NZ.

We are very excited to bring SAMAR Audio Design to the NZ market. We first met owner/designer Mark Fouxman at NAMM 2020 and we were blown away by the look, feel and design of his microphones. His passion for microphones (and audio in general) was evident, even after 8hrs on the show floor when we caught up at the end of long NAMM day.

SAMAR are handcrafted microphones (and transformers) built in an artisan tradition in Salt Lake City, USA. They've very quickly gathered a reputation for making extremely high quality ribbon microphones that have sound of classic ribbons but without all of the drawbacks. These being: big bulky microphones, low gain electronics with high noise floor, fragile ribbons, limited frequency responses and the biggest one of all low SPL. Because of these qualities SAMAR have found their way into the most prestiges of Orchestra recording stages, Universities, world class recording facilities and to top tier producers. 

Fast forwar(due to COVID and supply chain issues) 2years after that meeting and we've now landed our first shipment. Once we got past the WOW factor of how great these mics looked, we spent a day comparing SAMARS to the usual candidates: Coles 4038's, Royer 121 and a few other low budget models. Both models of SAMARs the AL95 and VL37 sound incredible and, not only keep up with the classics but live up to the hype. For example: they have more output, which means less noise, well none actually! They're more sensitive, so recording acoustic instruments like acoustic guitar and strings will produce much better results, with more dynamics and transients. They have a wider frequency response: they sound like a ribbon but don't need EQ. They have a huge and dominant low end, like any good ribbon should, they're thick and creamy in the mids, and then the surprise is that the high frequency is there, in both models. It's not bright like condenser, making the point of using a ribbon void, rather articulate full and lush. It's like you're standing in the room everything sounds balanced and neutral. Maybe its because it's a figure 8 Pattern which will always sound more realistic over a Cardioid of a typical condenser. 

They sound in short absolutely incredible.

The AL95 (pictured above) is the entry point to the range ($749NZ) and cost is kept down by its clever 'uni-body' design. The design of the body is in such a way that is one part. The AL95 comes in singles, matched pairs and a stereo version.

The VL37 (pictured above $1699NZ) uses the same ribbon design as the flagship MF65 and has a ruler flat frequency response down to 20Hz (-0.43dB) and unprecedented top end beyond 25kHz. The VL37 is available as a single, stereo (with adjustable stereo head basket) and as an active version with even lower noise floor and sensitivity.

We plan to make a comparison demo video for YouTube as soon as we can. We have audio we can share so email us for the link.

Here's some pictures of what's included package.

If you would like to arrange a demo EMAIL us.

SAMAR is in stock and includes Free Shipping in NZ here: