Home Studio Transformation: SSL Origin 16 Upgrade

3rd Jun 2024

Home Studio Transformation: SSL Origin 16 Upgrade

How an STL Customer Built a World-Class Recording Space in His Backyard

Imagine having a state-of-the-art recording studio right in your backyard, complete with a cutting-edge SSL Origin 16 console from the UK. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, for David, a musician and avid guitar collector, this dream became a reality thanks to STL Pro Audio. Here's how we turned David's vision into a top-tier recording haven, located in the Bay of Plenty.

The Quest for Analogue Excellence
David had a mix room built by STL in 2020, however he wanted to dive deeper into the world of analogue sound. After a trip to the NAMM 24 trade show in LA, and a conversation with legendary mixer Chris Lorde Alge, David was inspired to upgrade his studio. He decided on the SSL Origin 16 console for its unparalleled integration with hardware and impressive feature set.

The Perfect Partnership
To bring his vision to life, David teamed up with STL Pro Audio. Our mission was clear: design a studio that seamlessly blends recording and mixing capabilities, without the hassle of a patch bay. We started by mapping out a layout for David’s extensive hardware collection, ensuring everything was within reach and easy to use.

Why the SSL Origin 16?
The SSL Origin 16 isn't just any console; it's a powerhouse built on decades of SSL technology. With 32 faders, switchable insert points, 16 channels of E-Series EQ, and the incredible Pure Drive preamps, this console offers everything a modern studio needs. The Origin 16 is designed for the DAW world, but it retains that authentic analogue feel.


Seamless Integration
We integrated 30 spaces of 500 series EQ and compression, multiple standalone EQ and compression units, all without a patch bay. Everything is accessible via insert switches over the 32 faders, within the ‘sweet mix position’. This setup, combined with the SSL E-Series EQ and the 4K bus compressor, ensures David can leave mixes up while working on new projects without any hassle.

The Finishing Touches
To house the SSL Origin 16, we added an Argosy Eclipse Origin studio desk, which features 18U of built-in rack space. We custom built cables and spent over a week installing and meticulously testing the room to ensure everything ran smoothly. For monitoring, David chose the ATC SCM25As, delivering pristine sound quality.

The Result: A Studio Like No Other
The result? An immensely powerful, flexible studio capable of producing world-class mixes and recordings without a patch bay. David can now effortlessly switch between recording and mixing, with all his gear at his fingertips.


If you’re looking to design or upgrade your studio, STL Pro Audio is here to help. Whether you’re starting from scratch or enhancing your current setup, we’ll work with you to create a space that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Ready to transform your studio? Contact us today at sales@stlaudio.co.nz or 04 801 5602 and let’s make your dream studio a reality.