Overstayer Audio

Overstayer Recording Equipment is hand made in Los Angeles, by Jeff Turzo. After originally designing equipment for his own studio, he became in demand through word of mouth and online support for these great musical products, and since 2009 has been making equipment under the Overstayer name.

 All Overstayer products are analogue designed with tonal flexibility alongside some innovative and traditional processing methods. The Overstayer Saturator NT-02A has become a mainstay for many an Engineer wishing to add extra warmth, grit, distortion or pleasing harmonic content to DAW recordings. The M-A-S Stereo Analogue Processor 8101 is designed to provide that tape/console path sound to a mix-bus or whilst tracking.

The Stereo Field Effect 3706 (FET compressor) and Stereo Voltage Control 3722 (VCA Compressor) take traditional compression to a new level, and with a dual channel mic pre/EQ in the AMPEQ-02 the range of Overstayer tools for providing unique processing has never been better. Come and hear what the fuss is about.