New Heritage Audio BRITSTRIP Demo Video

13th May 2022

New Heritage Audio BRITSTRIP Demo Video

Here's a brand new product demo video, this time on the Heritage Audio BRITSTRIP. 

We feel this product is one the best value Channel Strips on the market for both features and price. Watch and listen to hear how the Heritage Audio BRITSRIP can add rich, thick creamy vintage Diode compression when used as a hardware insert in a mix for Vocals and Acoustic Guitar. We cycle through engaged and bypassed on both Vocals and Guitar and you'll hear how it glues everything together in that glorious diode bridge way. This song was recorded using nothing but the BRITSTRIP, recorded in two parts Acoustic then Voice, both using a Telefunken Elektroakustic U47 tube condenser. 

The BRITRSIP is a vintage-inspired, no costs cut channel strip. 1073 style preamp with Carnhill input and St Ives output transformers, with DI. A full 1073 EQ and then the Diode Bridge compressor for that classic creamy compression. Of course, there are many extra features and routing capabilities making this one of our favorite channel strips. It's just hard to get a bad sound!

It’s a lot of fun and work creating these videos, but it gives us an excuse to get into the studio and dig deep and discover features in our products and how best to use them.

You can watch the video here: