ATC Loudspeakers Now Installed in 3 of NZ's Top Music Production Facilities

28th Aug 2020

ATC Loudspeakers Now Installed in 3 of NZ's Top Music Production Facilities

Taking over recording facilities one studio at a time.

Three of NZ’s premier recording facilities are now sporting rather impressive sets of ATC Loudspeakers. In Auckland both KOG and Roundhead Studios (owned by Neil Finn of Crowed House & Fleetwood Mac), and in Wellington our very own studio, The Armoury. ATC Loudspeakers are a monitoring standard at world class facilities, relied on for their translation, linear response and impressive mid–range. ATC are no newcomer to the professional studio monitor market. In 1974 they invented the now classic mid range driver which was an innovative design, producing a wider bandwidth and lower distortion than was ever thought possible. Fast-forward to the 21st century and some modifications later, that mid range driver is now a signature look of any 3-way ATC loudspeaker. 


Roundhead, after demoing many monitors, settled on a pair of SCM25A's as near-field’s. The SCM25A’s are a powerful 3-Way configured monitor with a 7" woofer, 3" mid-range and 1" dome tweeter.Paddy Hill, studio manager at Roundhead describes them perfectly "These tri-amped speakers are a force to be reckoned with!"

To have Roundhead using ATC as their primary recording and mixing near fields is a big deal. Roundhead works with the biggest NZ and international artists, and are responsible for an incredible amount of NZ’s commercially successful music, not to mention being Neil Finns personal studio to the stars. They’ve already completed releases on their SCM25A’s for the US market and Radio NZ.


KOG have worked with the biggest names in NZ music history and are without a doubt NZ’s premiere mastering facility. KOG have been ATC users since 2016, using a pair of SCM110ASL’s with huge success. The 110’s comprise dual 9” woofers, 3” mid range and 1” Tweeter. The 110’s are very popular in mastering facilities worldwide, which is a primary focus for KOG. After using the 110’s, Chris Chetland owner at KOG doesn’t even feel the need for a second pair of monitors! 


The Armoury is a bespoke commercial recording facility in Wellington. It has a diverse range of clients, from independent artists to the Cartoon Network. Having flexible and accurate monitoring is a must. At The Armoury, which also doubles as STL Audios demo room, we decided to go all out to offer the full ATC experience. We installed a pair of SCM150ASLs with a 15” woofer, 3” mid range and 1” Tweeter, as well as a pair of SCM25A's. For over a decade, we’ve had the luxury of demoing many speakers to customers and listening to the 150s is an experience that our customers and us will never get used to. Tracking and mixing on both the 150s’ and the 25’s is such a revealing experience that going to any speaker after a pair of ATC’s simply just doesn’t cut it. 

ATC Professional Loudspeakers are distributed in NZ by STL Audio. Please contact us to arrange a demo with ATC Loudspeakers either at your studio or The Armoury.

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