10 years with Rupert Neve Designs

6th Feb 2023

10 years with Rupert Neve Designs

It’s time to celebrate! Join us this month as we kick off our first monthly brand focus to celebrate 20 years of STL Audio in NZ!

There's no better brand (or industry figure) to start with than one of the most respected and worshipped pro audio innovators there has ever been...Mr Rupert Neve. In the early 1960’s Rupert Neve started his first of many pro audio companies that over his 70+yr career created a legacy that will continue for a very long time. It’s hard if not impossible to find an equal, from his technical contribution, to the design of his preamps, compression and consoles, to the music that these products help create. From Steely Dan to Nirvana last century, and now in the 21st century the hundreds of software emulations that try to recreate 'that' Neve sound. Then there's the studios that gained legendary statuses with Neve Consoles worldwide. Sound City, David Grohl's 606, Air Montserrat, Air, The EMI Neve Consoles - the list goes on. Without a doubt, the Neve name represents god-like status among the audio industry. The full history of Rupert Neve's career can be found at Rupert Neve. There is simply too much to discuss in one blog!

Fast forward to 1995, Rupert Neve moved to Texas and started Rupert Neve Designs in 2005. We had been following RND (Rupert Neve Designs) closely, and in 2013 we visited the NAMM show and secured the exclusive distribution rights in New Zealand. 

2023 marks 10 years of Rupert Neve Designs in NZ and we couldn’t be more proud. Since 2013 we’ve supplied hundreds of RND products all over NZ, from private studios, to universities, commercial studios and live sound companies.

We are huge fans of RND - their products are incredible. They offer a world of analog design and processing to the newly created Digital Audio Workstation based studio. They've become leaders at pushing the design of analog products for the digital platform. For example, the 542 Tape Emulator has become a 500 series classic, giving the user a 500 series module that has ‘that’ tape sound. Track through it and stack up multiple overdubs to give you that glorious rich analog sound. Or another common use, a pair strapped across your mix bus gives you the analog tape saturation on your mix! Then there's the Master Bus Processor which has become industry standard for Mastering engineers worldwide. Our favourite are the DI’s, normally a task that's mundane, but once you’ve used an RNDI you’ll you’ll never go back. The only way to describe is "it sounds like it goes an extra octave lower!"

The fill range of Rupert Neve Design products can be found here: https://www.stlproaudio.co.nz/rupert-neve-designs

To celebrate 10 years of RND in NZ, we’ve teamed up with RND and created a month long promotion with 8 prize packages! 

All purchases in our store in February go into all of our 3 weekly prize draws to win Rupert Neve products. Purchase in the first week and you'll be in all 3 draws!

  • Week 1: Drawn 10.02.23 Win 1 of 4 RND swag packs: RND Coaster Set (set of 4) & a pair RND Fader socks. 
  • Week 2: Drawn 17.02.23 Win a Rupert Neve Bobble Head & a RND NY style Shirt
  • Week 3: Drawn 24.02.23 Win a Rupert Neve Designs DI worth $599

All prizes include free shipping in NZ.

View all RND products in NZ here (Free Shipping included): https://www.stlproaudio.co.nz/rupert-neve-designs

If you want to demo or listen to any Rupert Neve product, please contact us at sales@stlaudio.co.nz to arrange a time at our studio facility, The Armoury