Solid State Logic PureDrive Quad 4-Channel Mic/Line/Instrument Preamplifier

Solid State Logic
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Solid State Logic PureDrive Quad 4-Channel Mic/Line/Instrument Preamplifier

4-channel Mic/Line/Instrument Preamp with 3 Drive Modes, Switchable Mic Impedance, 4 DI Inputs; ADAT, AES and USB Connectivity; Stepped Controls, and Auto-Sleep

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Four Feature-packed SSL Origin Preamps in One Chassis

The Solid State Logic PureDrive Quad 4-channel mic/line/instrument preamplifier packs four high-performance PureDrive preamps ported from the company’s acclaimed Origin console. Featuring 192kHz/32-bit conversion via ADAT, AES, and USB, in addition to stepped controls and digitally controlled analog circuitry, the PureDrive Quad interfaces seamlessly into today’s hybrid studio setups. The preamps inherit the sonic purity and crystalline clarity characteristic of SSL microphone preamp designs. In addition to the Clean setting, SSL’s innovation Drive circuit offers two distinct flavours of gain-dependent, harmonically rich character. The PureDrive Quad also retains four great-sounding front-panel hi-Z DI inputs with automatic input detection to handle electric bass, guitars, keyboards, and other electronic instruments. With all this going for it, the Solid State Logic PureDrive Quad is a no-brainer for inclusion in any modern pro studio rack.

A joy to use

The SSL PureDrive Quad transforms microphone selection into an artistic decision rather than a technical one. With 65dB of gain on tap, you’ll be able to choose mics for their sonic qualities, not their output. Finally, you can feel free to deploy your favourite low-output passive ribbon mic on quiet sources! Four mic preamp input impedance options allow you to explore new sonic possibilities with your ribbons and dynamic mics. Operationally, the PureDrive Quad is a joy to use. It’s fitted with stepped pots for easy gain settings and quick recall. It also has per-channel Gain plus 31-detent Trim controls with precise 1dB increments for fine-tuning, 48V phantom power, polarity invert, and a handy 3rd-order high pass filter. 

SSL’s versatile Drive circuit

The PureDrive Quad preamps feature SSL’s versatile Drive circuit, which gives you a choice of three modes: Clean, Classic Drive, and Asymmetric Drive. The Clean setting captures sources with the pristine high-fidelity sound for which SSL preamps are renowned. For heavier musical settings that require a bit more punch, Classic Drive enhances signals with warm, gently saturated, vintage flavour. Working on an aggressive metal or fusion project? Asymmetric Drive delivers a modern, edgier-sounding distortion that’ll plow through a dense track like a hot knife through butter. Both Drive modes are variable depending on the amount of preamp gain, for highly musical, harmonically rich results that always sound natural.

The Solid State Logic legacy

Since its founding by Colin Sanders in 1969, Solid State Logic has followed a design philosophy that prioritises the needs of artists, engineers, and producers, developing products that facilitate creativity by removing technical impediments and streamlining workflows. Firmly ensconced in the pantheon of pro audio greats, SSL helped shape the history of pro audio, and it continues to innovate, bringing its uncompromising quality and signature sonics to a new generation of artists and creators.

Solid State Logic PureDrive Quad 4-channel Mic/Line/Instrument Preamp Features:

  • 4 high-performance PureDrive microphone preamps
  • 3 modes for each preamp: Clean, Classic Drive, and Asymmetric Drive
  • 4 mic preamp input impedance options
  • 4 front-panel hi-Z DI inputs with automatic input detection
  • 48V phantom power, polarity invert, and 3rd-order high pass filter
  • Stepped Gain control with up to 65dB Gain
  • 31-step Trim control, with precise 1dB increments
  • Mic/Line input switching
  • 12 in / 12 out (@44.1/48 kHz)
  • 4 analog + 8 ADAT in (via Link in) / 4 AES + 8 ADAT outs
  • Mic inputs via XLR; Line via TRS or D-sub
  • Balanced analog outputs/insert sends for external processing
  • +24dBu line-level insert returns/ADC inputs
  • Digital connectivity via ADAT, AES, and USB
  • Ability to switch ADAT and AES connections to source audio from DAW outputs (USB) instead of A/D converter
  • Cascade 2 PureDrive Quad units via ADAT Link In connection
  • USB soundcard mode
  • Stepped pots and digitally controlled analog electronics for precision, stereo matching, and easy recall
  • Up to 192kHz and 32-bit conversion, professional I/O levels (+24dBu = 0dBFS)
  • Auto-ranging word clock I/O
  • Selectable Auto-Sleep mode

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