Wavebone - Fin 13U Rackmount Case

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WAVEBONE -  FIN 13U Rackmount Case

The rack case designed especially for musicians, with up to 13U mountable space. All your professional gears can fit in!

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13U Generous Rack Space

The 13U mountable space allows multiple combinations of synths, pre-amps, mixers...etc.

Ergonomic Angled Design

After continuous research with professionals in the industry, Fin™ has an angled structure which helps you reach the knobs of your gears more easily!

Anti Resonation Design

Fin™ has hollow stripes on each side to prevent unnecessary resonations. Also, it allows air to pass through and prevent your gears from overheating.

Fin Specifications:

Width(W) : 21.53 in (54.7 cm)

Height(H) : 29.6 in (75.2 cm)

Depth(D) : 23.22 in (59 cm)

Top Board Depth(BD):12.59 (32 cm)

Wavebone website for full details: https://www.wavebone.com/fin

STL Pro Audio is proud to be the exclusive NZ distributor for Wavebone studio furniture.