Samson Technologies

Samson Technologies specializes in designing and manufacturing audio equipment since 1980 and is known for its wireless microphone systems, power amplifiers, mixers, wired microphones, signal processors, and USB microphones. 

Samson's wireless microphone systems were a breakthrough in the industry when they were first introduced, and the company has continued to innovate in this area over the years. In addition to wireless systems, Samson has also developed a range of other audio products that have become industry standards, including USB microphones that are used by musicians, broadcasters, and podcasters.

Hartke, a brand owned by Samson Technologies, is known for its revolutionary aluminum cone driver that produces a bass tone with broader dynamics than had ever been heard before. Hartke has since expanded its product line to include bass amplifiers, cabinets, and combos that are used by some of the world's greatest musicians.

Samson Technologies has grown significantly over the years and is now a worldwide enterprise with products sold and distributed in over 140 countries. Samson's products are used by musicians, broadcasters, podcasters, and professionals everywhere.