Heritage Audio Baby RAM 2-channel Monitoring System

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Passive 2-channel Monitor Control System with 2 x TRS I/O, Mute, Dim, Mono, and Master Level Controls
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Heritage Audio Baby RAM 2-channel Monitoring System

Passive 2-channel Monitor Control System with 2 x TRS I/O, Mute, Dim, Mono, and Master Level Controls

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Truth In Monitoring 

The Heritage Audio Baby RAM is a passive 2-channel desktop monitor control system that delivers pristine pinpoint stereo imaging over a spacious soundstage. With its solid, RAF-gray enclosure and large, skirted Marconi Master Level knob, Baby RAM rocks a classic vintage British console vibe and an easy-to-use, streamlined control set. Under the bonnet, its minimalist, audiophile-grade circuitry provides an ultra-transparent signal path you can rely on to tell you the truth about what you’re recording. Baby RAM is a boutique, reference-grade monitor controller that’s ideal for any studio not working in expanded channel formats.

Classic console design, passive signal path

Classic transformer-coupled British consoles are famous for their legendary kick and punch, not transparency. Now along comes the Baby Ram, a boutique, passive monitor controller inspired by those vaunted vintage console designs. But instead of vintage coloration, the Baby RAM serves up pristine transparency — the result of its no-compromise signal path and just-the-basics control set. Baby RAM features a four-gang, 24-step rotary switch for Master Level rather than an inexpensive stereo pot. This guarantees the precision of your stereo signal in every position and provides precise repeatability of monitor volume settings from session to session. Additionally, there’s no insertion loss with Baby RAM, so there’s no coloration or signal loss, regardless of settings.

Meticulously engineered for seamless workflow

Baby RAM might be housing a no-compromise circuit, but it couldn’t be any simpler or more intuitive to use. It’s equipped with two stereo pairs of balanced, ground-free (unbalanced-compatible) ins and outs on gold-plated TRS jacks, plus Mute, Dim, Mono, and Master Level controls make Baby RAM fast and intuitive to work with. And since it’s a passive design, there are no power-supply hassles.

Amazing value

Heritage Audio’s value-packed Baby RAM leverages the expertise gleaned from years of making acclaimed vintage-inspired equipment. You might ask how Heritage can their typical level of world-class sound and performance at such a budget-friendly price. Through economies of scale, mostly. They don’t cut corners on components, but they do order parts and build in quantity, using lean, modern manufacturing techniques, in their state-of-the-art Spanish factory.

Heritage Audio Baby RAM Passive 2-channel Monitor Control System Features:

  • Vintage British console design, inspired by classic console master sections
  • Ultra-transparent passive circuit path with no insertion loss
  • Pristine, pinpoint stereo imaging
  • 24-step rotary switch for sub-0.1dB precision at every attenuation position
  • Fully passive; no power supply required
  • I/O: 2 stereo pair, balanced and ground- free (unbalanced-compatible), gold-plated TRS
  • Mute, Dim, Mono, and Master Level controls
  • Manufactured to strict tolerances a Heritage Audio’s factory in Spain

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