Empirical Labs Pump 500 Series Compressor

Empirical Labs
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Empirical Labs Pump 500 Series Compressor

500 Series Compressor with Opto-style Auto Release, Attack Modification, and Saturation Mode - Vertical

They did it! A Distressor for 500 series. We've demoed them and they are incredible and every bit a Distressor. 

Need an excellent compressor but you’re short on rack space? You can “de-stress” by purchasing the Empirical Labs Pump 500 Series compressor! Channeling the spirit of the company’s beloved compressor (you know the one), the Pump packs a mighty punch for such a compact size. It has an easy-to-read front plate, with knobs for Attack, Release, Input trim, and Output makeup gain, plus a continuously variable attack modification (AtMod) knob for shaping transients. There are buttons for Ratio, Bypass, and turning on Saturation mode. Colorful LED indicators clearly relay information about current ratio and gain reduction, and there’s also a 110Hz highpass filter plus soft clipper functionality that sounds musical.

Empirical Labs Pump 500 Series Compressor Features:

  • 500 Series compressor that packs a ton of value and sound quality
  • Attack settings: 200 microseconds–50 milliseconds
  • Release settings: 50–600 milliseconds, plus Opto-style autorelease
  • Ratios: 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 6:1, 8:1, 10:1, 12:1, and 20:1
  • 5Hz–175kHz frequency response
  • Dynamic range of 125dB max output (0.5% THD germanium diode soft clipping)
  • Noise floor of -101dBu with Output set to 0
  • Detector HP of 110Hz
  • Voltage: +/- 16.5V 100mA