ATC SCM20PSL Pro mk2 6.5 inch Passive Studio Monitors

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ATC SCM20PSL Pro mk2 6.5 inch Passive Studio Monitors

2-way, 6.5" Passive Nearfield Monitor with Proprietary Super Linear Mid/Bass Driver and Dual Suspension S-Spec Tweeter (pair)

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Amazingly Lifelike Nearfield Monitoring

You'll hear an amazing upgrade in the sound of your studio with the ATC SCM20PSL Pro mk2 active studio monitors. ATC monitors are handmade in the U.K. using cutting-edge components and processes, and you'll immediately hear why they're considered among the finest reference monitors in the world. You'll find ATC monitors in the studios of George Massenburg, Chuck Ainlay, Nathaniel Kunkel, and many other world-renowned engineers. For a nearfield monitoring experience that sets a new standard for sonic accuracy and mixing precision, choose the ATC SMC20APSL Pro mk2. 

 ATC SCM20PSL Pro mk2 2-way Studio Monitor Pair at a Glance:

  • Engineering the best speaker possible
  • Proprietary speakers offer life-like playback
  • The legacy of ATC monitors

Engineering the best speaker possible

Heavy science and engineering backs up every ATC product. These monitors aren't just cobbled together from parts that will work together. The ATC SCM20PSL Pro mk2 was thoroughly engineered to give you the best sound, response, and reproduction of your audio possible. You'll hear every change and every detail in your recordings. 

Proprietary speakers offer life-like playback

Great-sounding monitors start with great-sounding speakers. The ATC SCM20PSL Pro mk2 LF drivers are manufactured to exacting standards at their in-house facility. Hand-wound voice coils are made from flat oxygen-free copper wire and operate in a precision long magnetic gap. Specially designed magnet vents not only reduce air flow noise and heat, but increase power handling and reliability. These drivers are designed to give you a smooth and even frequency response without built-in EQ. In short, the SCM20ASL Pro mk2 monitor is designed to perform and sound at the top of its class.

The legacy of ATC monitors

A young engineer named Billy Woodman spent his younger days working side by side with some of the best speaker engineers of his day. In 1974 Billy went on to found ATC, Acoustic Transducer Company, and began building amazing-sounding speakers. Today ATC hand builds speakers one at a time to ensure the utmost quality and best sound. Billy continues to invent new drivers, new speakers and new ideas, giving you the best monitors in the industry. How good are ATC monitors? Just ask producers and engineers like George Massenburg, Chuck Ainley and Doug Sax. You'll also find them in Abbey Road Studios, Sony Studios New York, Blackbird Studios. and many more. Grab a pair of ATC SCM20PSL Pro mk2 monitors and hear the difference they'll make in your studio.

ATC SCM20PSL Pro mk2 PAssive 2-way Studio Monitor Pair Features:

  • Premium 2-way active studio monitors
  • Hear every detail in your mix, and even the most subtle change from compression and EQ
  • Engineered to give you the most accurate playback possible, perfect for tracking, mixing, and mastering
  • Recommended amplifier power: 75–300 watts
  • Bi-ampable, with 2 pairs of binding posts/4mm banana jacks

We have SCM20As, SCM25As and SCM150s in our Wellington showroom/studio, please contact us at  with any inquiries or to book a demo.