Wavebone - Wing 10U Rackmount Case

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The rack case designed especially for musicians, with up to 10U mountable space. All your professional gear can fit in!
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WAVEBONE - Wing 10U Rackmount Case

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Perfect for the Wavebone Headquarter Desk

The rack case at the perfect height of 50cm is designed to fit right under your workstation. The simple slide-in and out feature allows you to tune the perfect sound without excessively stretching to reach the knobs.

Mountable Design, Extends Your Toolkit Easily.

Wing™ has a cubic body which allows you to mount them in a stack, maximising the space for your gear. The casters at the bottom help you to move Wing™ smoothly to keep your studio organised!

Anti Resonation Design

Wing™ has hollow stripes on each side to prevent unnecessary resonation. These allow air to pass through, preventing your gear from overheating.

WING Specifications:

  • Width(W) : 20.7 in (52.6 cm)
  • Height(H) : 19.68 in (50 cm)
  • with feet pads- 20 in(50.8 cm)
  • Depth(D) : 26.85 in (68.2 cm)
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