Lauten Audio Tom Mic Side-address FET Condenser

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Lauten Audio Tom Mic Side-address Pressure Gradient FET Condenser

FET Condenser Microphone with Supercardioid Capsule, 20Hz-20kHz Frequency Response, 6 Filters, and 135dB+ Max SPL

The World’s First LDC Mic Meant for Toms

Throughout history, drummers have had relatively numerous options for tom mics. However, the best ones all contain the same magic formula: excellent off-axis rejection, high SPL handling, and wide frequency range. Now, Lauten Audio is here to throw its hat in the ring with the aptly named Tom Mic, the first large-diaphragm FET condenser microphone built specifically for toms. It may also be the last tom mic you need, considering the Tom Mic’s -28dB of off-axis rejection, more than 135dB SPL handling, and 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response. Plus, excellent onboard sound shaping capabilities — three high cuts and three low cuts — ensure that the Lauten Audio Tom Mic will sound fantastic on any rack or floor tom. The Tom Mic’s diminutive size (a little over 5 inches with clip) lets it fit easily on any drum set, and its solid brass headframe plus mildew-resistant dust filter protects it from stick hits, drumstick wood shavings, and much more. Finally, a vibration-resistant capsule means that the Tom Mic is ready to be mounted either on your drum’s rim or on a mic stand. 

A great sound on toms — not cymbals!

Many Sweetwater studio engineers have collected various mic options for toms because they know that tuning, humidity, cymbal placement, and the drummer’s individual touch can all greatly affect which mic sounds best. However, extensive onboard sound shaping capabilities plus -28dB of off-axis rejection ensures that Lauten Audio’s Tom Mic complements any mounted or floor tom perfectly. Choose from three low cuts (Flat, 80Hz, 140Hz) to minimize rumble for a more focused sound or three high cuts (Flat, 5kHz, 12kHz) that reduce bleed from cymbals, snare drums, and other stage noise. The Lauten Audio Tom Mic lets you get the perfect tom sound right at the source.

Easily fits on any drum set

Whether you play a 4-piece jazz kit or a Terry Bozzio-style monstrosity, the Lauten Audio Tom Mic easily fits on any drum set thanks to its diminutive 5-inch size. Its vibration-resistant capsule enables the Tom Mic to feel right at home on either a mic stand or your drum’s rim. Plus, a solid brass headframe with a mildew-resistant dust filter protects the Tom Mic from stick hits, wood shavings, and splinters from drumsticks, dust, and other debris.

Lauten Audio Tom Mic Side-address Pressure Gradient FET Condenser Mic Features:

  • The world’s first side-address pressure gradient large-diaphragm FET condenser mic designed specifically for toms and floor toms
  • 32mm supercardioid capsule provides up to 28dB of off-axis rejection
  • 20Hz–20kHz frequency response captures every detail from the smallest rack toms to the largest floor toms
  • More than 135dB of max SPL
  • 5-inch size can be used on the densest of drum sets
  • Ideal for mounting both stand and rim thanks to the vibrant-resistant capsule
  • Solid brass headframe plus mildew-resistant dust filter safeguards against stick hits, wood shavings, and other debris
  • 80Hz low cut: reduces bleed from bass drums
  • 140Hz low cut: preserves your drum’s fundamental frequency while significantly reducing bleed and phase issues from bass drums — great for toms with a higher tuning
  • 5kHz high cut: greatly minimizes bleed from cymbals and onstage volume
  • 12kHz high cut: provides a rounder, more balanced tone — provides body to floor toms without introducing cymbal bleed
  • Flat High Cut – Boosts from 1kHz–2kHz, attenuates dramatically at 3kHz for punch, then boosts again around 5k to lend crispness to the drum’s attack — also dips from 9kHz–14kHz to minimize cymbal bleed harshness
  • Flat low cut setting allows all frequency information to pass

STL Pro Audio is the authorised distributor for Lauten Audio in NZ.